Posted by: Ramesh Bhattarai | नोभेम्बर 16, 2006

Pokhara Visit

Utshab and me 2063, Shrawan  

Few days ago I had gone to pokhara with utshab .Actually our destination was only up to manokamana temple . But in course of journey  we decided to extend our journey up to pokhara. we  worshiped  mata in a shortcut manner at manokamana  . Than had lunch there. We had also taken few photographs with rosha ,kanchan and srijana before that . At the time of departing to the temple we did not have to  wait for  the queue for the cable car as much as at the time of  returning back . we stayed there for around one hour in the queue and reached mujling  around three pm .     T he climate was very hot .  road was burning in heat . When we a crossed the mugling ,the road was so open . large buses were seen very rare . after half an hour drive to pokhara we were confused as if it was strike in the way . we had to pass through the jungle to reach pokhara . we had a short rest at tanahu and enjoyed a cold drink in a road side restaurant . actually we had not expected damauli bazaar to come in the way to pokhara, as it was the first journey to pokhara of me and utshab as well. Actually I had expedted damauli to be a verh small city but in fact it was a big one. After that we set up for pokhara . after few minutes we saw few vehicles passing through the road .then we became sure that it was not strike .

In course of our journey we passed away through the statue of bhanubhakta acharya . I was very happy to see the statue of the aadi cavi . The road was quit bending but not  up and down ; it was plain .  I had activated the speedometer of my bike at the time of departing from gwarko, my room of that time . so I knew that we had to across 200 kilometers to reach pokhara . while my speedometer was showing around 180 km we had to pass through the damaged road, indeed the funny matter is that utshab suspected as if it was the part of bihar . Than I added that Bihar has been changed dramatically .     actually I was amazed to feel that the road was very close to pokhara , the heart of  tourism of nepal, though it was so dirty . I silently though that pokhara would also same dirty and scruffy as the link road was . this psychology remained in my mind till we saw the fewa lake from the stadium of halanchowk . But when one of habitant told us the actual location to observe the lake we went to enjoy boating .  It was dusk of 5 pm when we reached the barahi temple situated in the middle of the fewa lake . utshab and me took so many snaps in the lake side. Besides we called to our friends, aaisha, sankar from the boat and shared our romance with them .The boat driver was a dalit bhai of sindhuli . he gave us most of the ideas of tourism of pokhara . he also took few photographs at the lake . after boating around one hour we went to search for the hotel . utshab found a nice room at lake side . actually the room would cost more than Rs 1000 but he managed it with  400 saying both of us  to be the students. As we had reached pokhara without proper planning we had taken no extra dresses with us. Moreover we had a crossed so long journey by a motorbike . so my white t-shirt was badly became dusty .

We got refresh in the hotel and enjoyed a short evening walk in the lake side on my motor bike . after a short walk we enjoyed beer in a lake beach restaurant. In course of drinking we talked on the motion of Rosha . in the intoxication of beer utshab called Rosha and told the things which he had to tell so long ago. I was also excited to hear the saying of utshab and called kanchan and told that like things to her .i was amazed to see the bill at the last . it was dramatically cheap. Cheaper than the allina’s  bakery café of Katmandu. Then we returned back to our hotel gorkhali ghee of lake side at around 9 pm . from there also we did not stop calling and sending sms to kirtipur till midnight . Early in the morning we had planed to go sarangkot for observing the kissing of first ray of the sun to the annapurna himal through the height of pokhara city .  we had talked to damanta about all this in phone as we had just reached  pokhara .  

It was already midnight .  we had agreed to get up next day  early in the morning at 4 am  , take bath and set up for sarangkot in my motorbike . now we went to the bed . pokhara was really so hot for us , it may be so hot also  because we had taken some drinks also.Before went to the bed we also managed alarm clock in our mobile phone and also called to the guys of kirtipur on mobile .  We got up early in the morning , had bath and set up towards the sarangkot on bike . actually we did have not any idea about sarangkot . so we asked about the actual location to the receptionist of the hotel. But he showed us the way of foot to reach there . so we had to return back to the same place from where we had left in the beginning . after half an hour long drive we reached sarangkot . in the way we could see the annapurna range from very near . I can not explain about the happiness that emerged in my heart to see that very beautiful scene from naked eyes from so near through these words . This was really not my first visit to Himalayan range at all . still this one was dreamed land for visiting since my childhood . so naturally it was more romantic than the himal of karnali zone . the location was almost like nagarkot . Both situated in the pick of mountain . nagarkot situated in north – east of kathmandu where as sarangkot at horth part of pokhara . we took so many photographs there  on the way and in the pick as well .

The way to sarangkot was really remote . we  parked our bike beneath the pick of sarangkot above  pokhara city . Before this we tried to take the bike with us up to the height . But the road was made up of huge stones in the surface . Besides, it was very dusty and bended  as well.we had to pay Rs. 20 for parking our bike in a  small kirana and tea shop .  It was really hot expendsive , four times more than the core of kathmandu city . Now we had start walking on foot.  Still we did not know how long we had walk  on , half an hour, one hour or more than that . we asked a local inhabitant of that place,”half an hour for us, but it may take more than this for you as you look man of urban society ”.He was partially right . we took 45 minutes to reach there. We reached sarangkot still we were in confusion which place was the core sarangkot. Because fery few hotel , restaurant and coffee shop were there . at last we had to ask a man . he slightly laughed at us. We had just cross the core of sarangkot just 2 minute ago . there few few guest hiuse were seen. I think sarangkot was great in my expectation than it actually. We took so many snaps in way of foot and on the pick as well.  There we saw two groups of tourists enjoying in the camp. One of the group was looking as if they were about to depart from there; as their porters were closing tent and packing their goods in the doko and bags. The location was of a small open field beneath 200 meters from the top of the pick, where Nepal armies had established their camp .

We did not put our foot in the top of the pick, because of our tiredness  also. there  we could also see a special type of car made like a camp.there we would like to enjoy the paragliding also, and I had enough money also for that then but Utshab seemed to be unwilling for that than accusing of lack of adequate time. Than we returned back down ,had red tea and drove back down . I would like to visit the temple of Bindyabasini  mata. So we asked a boy about the location of the temple. He also laughed at us and said if we went down the same way, without asking none  we would reach the gate of the tem[le. And at last he same thing was happen . we prayed there , took snaps and went to mahendra cave, chamere cave, K I singh pool ( kssying pool; one man announced and I confused ,what he was saying ) and came to the lake side for lunch and for meting damanta as well , as she had promised to met us in the telephone . I had taken her no  from Amit, just after reaching pohkara.While we were enjoying beer before lunch, damanta called me in my mobile, saying that she had came to lakeside so as to guide us in pokhara with her causion brother, a student of B. Sc. Forestry at pokhara. We had drink with him also . he was really a nice fellow. We  traveled  with them the whole day, david’s fall, Gupteshgowr Cave, mountain Museum and the mahendra pool, at last in the evening . The brother had to join his class . so, he left us around 4 pm.

At last we therr people, me, Utshab and damanta had to travel together in a single bike. we had left it infront of   a cottage restaurant. Where we hat taken beer and lunch . it was really funny . At last I left her nrar the stadium, the way to kathmandu . But the next brother of damanta was really rustic and uncivilized. He evev not regarded thal she was almost like my own sister just like of him . Se scolded me in a very rude manner; just the police would do to a thief. Then we returned back to the lake side. We enjoyed drinka ,and snacks with our open heart besides lunch . Utshab had a very bitter tragedy in his heart about his affair with one of my best girl__friend \ sister. In a way the situation seemed as if i was also fallen in love with one of the friends of rosha , while going to accompany Utshab in his dating . we drunk so much till 11 pm. We had to join office tomorrow in kathmandu. So we had decided to dep[art from there @ 3 AM.  In my byke. So I sent Utshab to pay the bill. That time the receptionist of the hotel gorkhali ghee responsed him very badly . he charged us far more amount than mentioned in the menu. Utshab is being aggressive but Still I suggested him not to quarrel , because, we had drunk and people would accuse ourselves . so I told damn care about  Rs.500_ 700 . our prestidge is farmore greater than it. He obeyed me and did as I told him to do .  The next morning we got up and departed from there at 3:30 am .the way was very silent. We were almost reached in mouth of a great accident in the dark bend near Tanahu. But I kept patient till the last and could rescue both of us without any harm ness to us and our bike as well. We reached Gwarko, my room at 8:30. I left Utshab in the way , infront of my room . as I reached room , I remembered of my mobile. It was with hi9m . I called him and told to get off from the bus . I took it and left him @ lokenthali, his room . Both of us were in hurry, we had to get bath and reach office. Thus the tour of pokhara was done. It was done without any preparatioin , still it was very romantic. So I ve passion to visit Baglung, syanga and parwat with Utshab .  


  1. Hi sir madam
    This is me ramesh ranjan. a student of literature as well as socilogy, working in the field of public administration . so, i ve decided to share some of my experiences and knowledge through my this blog . please etay in touch with this blog.

  2. hey man,

    U have posted it so much clearly that i m feeling we have just been Pokhara recently in few days ago yar. Every events are expressed so much clearly that it seems u have a great memory power, even after so many months.


  3. Hey dear freind,

    I am also very much excited to have a tour with u man. Tara k garne yar timile kathmandu chhadi haleu ani yar yo “compromise to survive” le garda afno time pani afno hudaina, afno ichha pani afno hudaina, afno life pani afule soche jastari jiuna paidaina rahichha yar. Anyway, hope that everything will be as per our wish.

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