Posted by: Ramesh Bhattarai | फ्रेवुअरी 5, 2007

Mixture in Petroleum Products

Government has sealed one petrol pump in Katmandu accusing to have done illegal mixture of petroleum products .Mixture in petroleum production is a very common motion especially for the consumers of petrol in Nepal. Few years ago the operators of the petrol pump used to mix kerosene with petrol and diesel as well .But as the government has raised the cost of kerosene almost closely to the cost of diesel, their intention have been attracted towards the mixture of kerosene with petrol. Now the cost of petrol is Rs 67, kerosene is Rs 47 and of diesel is Rs 52.50 per litter. with this price chart, We can conclude that if a petroleum dealer can sell 1 litter kerosene in the cost of diesel he gets Rs5.50 as profit, and if he sells one litter diesel in the cost of petrol he gets Rs 14.50 as profit and if he can sell one litter kerosene in the cost of petrol he gets Rs30 as profit .which is the largest amount of illegal profit from mixture.  Besides they get 3% of total sale amount.   

This illegal mixture of petroleum products not only make economic exploitation it also harnesses the mechanical condition of vehicle and raises the ratio of air and sound pollution from vehicles. 

The department of trade and the Nepal oil corporation itself have been making effort to control this like illegal mixture of petroleum products; but the result is not very satisfactory. So I think the consumers themselves should make aware for controlling this like activities.  

I think if the related authority and other organizations working in the field of consumer’s right should aware the victimized consumers for it by providing general information about the syndromes of mixture. Besides if they could provide simple tools and techniques of testing the purity of petroleum products in each of the petrol pumps, the consumers themselves can monitor and can complain to the related authority if something is wrong in the quality.  


  1. All the petrol pump should be different for different purpose like if one is selling petrol than it should not have right to sell others. And, the oil corporation should only permit those particular petrol pump for particual product only. The rules should be made strict and the controlling mechanism should be make strong. Besides these, consumers also have to monitor on these issues.

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