Posted by: Ramesh Bhattarai | मार्च 20, 2007

Love Life and Commitment

Every adolescence young man either a boy or a girl seems to be in quest of a constant life partner, who would accompany him or her though out his or her life. Difference is simply of degree of quantity of their devotion, determination and commitment for the mutual compromise and commitment. 

We know that in our traditional society the parents of the candidates for the marriage would search and determine the marriage patrons for their child, and in course of their conjugal life they would fall in love with each others. Besides we have been also seeing that the early teenager students of high schools have been engaged in love wishing to convert their affair in to a conjugal life. I think both of the culture of love and relations are not sustainable and meaningful at all.   I don’t wish to prove that love and arranged both system of marriage are completely wrong. I simply wish to extend another mode of relation, which I think, would be more sustainable and meaningful through out life.    You have completed your basic academic course, i.e. at least bachelor’s degree and struggling for your carrier. You have just a crossed your teenage still you are not matured physically, mentally, and economically for getting marriage, still you realize that you need an accompany of a constant friend of opposite gender, than I think is the proper time of making a strong commitment with the particular person  for making your  entire life meaningful and full of romance.   

In this period if you could identify a genuinely nice friend of opposite gender and make a proper commitment with him or her, it would certainly bring a result of great quality and quantity as well. It is also because of the synergy effort of the newly made couple. It becomes that, if you alone struggle , you may produce outcome 2 and in the same manner if your life partner would struggle in his or her own manner she may also produce out come 2 which would be 4 in total. But if both of you struggle for the same outcome with mutual effort, the outcome with the same quantity of struggle can be 5. This extra outcome 1 of you and your friend would be bonus for both of you which would be a valuable assert for your future life. 

Besides you could also get adequate training in this period so as to make your future conjugal life more romantic. Now a question may arise how to make a perfect choice of the most appropriate friend among so many friends who are in touch with you. It mostly depends on the role of your life partner that you wish your life partner should fulfill in the rest of life with you. So, regarding the above role you should expect the attributions that he or she should possess. Besides you may have a portrait of your fictional life partner printed within your Imagination since so long.  In some of the cases we have also seen that a particular person becomes highly impressed with a peculiar man of opposite gender even in a first glimpse and behaves in a very familiar manner as if both of them were very familiar with each other.

Even in such cases people had better to think about the desired role status of his or her life partner for making the life harmonious. I don’t think that someone can’t live his or her life in absent of a particular person. Fact is simply that in this long term journey of life, if the familiar two people of equal mental, social, and ideological belief would   walk together, it would be more comfortable coherent and meaning full for the eternal pleasure in their life.I think someone should not make this vital decision with his heart , if you made this like decision with your mind it would more realistic and sustainable. But if you made this like vital decision of your life being affected with your overwhelmed feelings it can lead your life into uncertainty and chaos.                            


  1. maan..this article is simply so good dat i left my girlfriend!!! im at the intermediate education as u know it!! hhaaa…
    but hey wonderful piece of language and literature with a great flavour of morality and advice for the young ppl like me…
    yes this type of conjugal life would be better than that type of extreme conjugal life..well if one fetches a life partner like u have mentioned above….the life will be pleasureful and happy oo..nways from now on guys wont have to fear the term called “MARRIAGE”

  2. Babba yar budeshkal ma aayera love pareko faida ta yo po bhayechha ta yar. Love ra marriage ko barema yasto khatra kuraharu lekhna thaliyechha. Btw, ur calculation may be wrong also of about outcome 2 and outcome 2 is equal to 5, it may be – 5 also man so all the things which we imagine and which we have felt may not be as per our dreams. It may reflect negatively also yar. So, think about it. Malai ta bhayankar dar lagchha yar yo love ra marriage bhanepachhi. Jo kahaye wo bhi pachhtaye aur jo naakhaye wo bhi pachhtaye. lol

    I don’t blame the love thing is totally ‘bakwas’ but i don’t believe on the topic. Hmm she loves me re usle bhaneko hahaha but why? He loves her re usle bhaneko but how? i love u re maile bhaneko hahaha just bakwas. I love myself, she loves herself and he loves himself. So, why to tell lie?

    “Lonelyyyyyyyy, i’m still lonelyyyyyyyyy” and i like to be lonelyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

  3. luv, life and commit…….ment

    it’s vast topics! and still it’s drop of it…….
    and one have to beware of modern Romeo! and modern Juliet!

    still have question in mind: Is nepali society so much matured enough for this…….?
    one have to say: still a long way to ahead!

    best of luck!

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  5. Dear frens !
    Thanks a lot for your precious comment .
    I ‘d like to beg pardon with you for delay in reply.
    As you asked, is all this possible in the context of present Nepalese society ?

    As all of us know Nepal is multi in a ongoing journey of great social and cultural change .Different societies of Nepal are passing through different stage of social and cultural development .
    The targets of my present article are the urban young people studying in university level .I think, if they are convinced with my present proposal, they should be able to make their parents and society convince over their understanding .

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