Posted by: Ramesh Bhattarai | अप्रील 26, 2007

East Nepal : Limbuwan Nepal…?

You should not get amazed to see the written slogans like ” Limbuwan  Kshetra”  or     “Limbuwan Nepal” or even ” Limbuwan  Pradesh “in the front body of the public vehicles in the east part of Nepal . We people of east Nepal have been seeing this like written slogans in such vehicles especially in micro bus, and mini buses running in the local route of east Nepal. A kind of imagination came in my mind , one of the Limbu leaders may have purchased this bus and he may have  written this slogan in his bus .But in recent days  the numbers such  buses with this slogans have been increasing day by day . Now a days it is so hard to find the bus with no slogans like this in east Nepal . Who writes such slogan ? one of the  bus drivers told the Limbu men asked the bus to stop and they wrote the slogan in his bus last week at pathari of the Mahendra Highway , between Ithari and Damak . he added he would not like it to be written in his bus still he could not denied,because he has to pass by the same way everyday . I  asked why they may have written such type of slogans ? The bus driver told they would like to have the independent state of their own throughout the land which the ancestors of Limbu had ascribed in the  past , which the Limbu people had to loss after wards  .The amazing matter is that Limbus are  less then 10% in the area which they wish to establish as the Limbuwan Pradesh .A kind of curiosity emerged in to my mind ,do the Limbu people simply wish to show their existence in the present transitional period of  restructure of the nation or something else is hidden behind this movement .As a student of social science, I remembered sir Dor Bahadur Bista, who told nationalism is in crisis because of  the regionalism before 25 years ago . The same hypothesis came to be true in course of reviewing literature about this movement.King Prithivi Narayan Shah had given certain land of the east Nepal to the Limbu people  while conquering the Nation .He had fear with these Limbu people ,so he convinced them with the compermise that,he would  grant the Kipat land to limbu people and for this the limbu people had to approv his activities and they would not attack him .Later The East India Company would attack and conquer Nepal in India .But they were also afraid of the physically strong and brave Limbu peoples . so they conspired to weaken Nepal by  recuiting the Limbu peoples in their national Army. they  forwarede the same policy by taking the rest of limbu people in their tea state- sikkim and darjilling .During this period, the local Brahmins were very claver because they would go Banaras , take study and come back to their own villages. Till this time the Brahmin had not so much land in the area of limbu people.Besides the king Prithivinarayan Shah had restricted the Limbu people from selling the Kipat Land .So now the educated and claver Brahmins conspired over the gentle Limbu People and in a Royal Visit they made the king to grant freedom of selling  the kipat land as per their desire. Now the clever Brahmin captured the kipat land in their hands and made the remaining Limbu people penniless with different legal and administrative conspiration .Now a days the Limbu people have also been enlightened with education and knowledge. So they have also been struggling in quest of their originality. I think all the above facts are the basic background for their this movement .still I don’t think that their demanded area should be declared as the Limbuwan independent area and every thing there should be carried with the original Limbu custom, tradition and language .Because this area is also origin area of other cast and community . if we separate our nation with particular culture and language we will be entrapped in a very gloomy forest of undevelopment.  So I ;d like to suggest these Limbu leaders to accept the existence of others too . 



  1. […] school friend and also a blogger from the eastern part of Nepal, Ramesh Bhattarai has written about an example of the day by day rising a very critical and may be the most harmful issues of communal tensions in […]

  2. Hey man write more about such issues coz u r there and u can give the first hand informations about such issues.

    Look at my site also, i have also written something about my feelings.

  3. cool blog !! I like it.

  4. Instead of wanting to make suggestion to Limbu leaders, may be you would want to make suggestions to your bahun leaders what they are willing to do to address the aspirations and demands of not only Limbus, but Janjatis as a whole. Also you need to research a little bit more before you throw allegations of segregation to the idea of Limbuwan and try to understand what it means to have inclusive democracy.

  5. Hey why no updating? Don’t be so lazy yar. Write more about their situations.

  6. Wow that picture is cool like heaven.

  7. limbuwaan raajya jindaabaad !!
    baahun raajya murdaabaad|
    baahun harulaai haamro raajya baat bhagaau !!!!!
    haami limbu harule nai haamro sattaa chalau !!!!

  8. Thanks

  9. Hi, fried!
    Thanks for the artilce about limbuwan. Plz. do re read the book of sir Dor Bdr. Bista ‘Fatalism and Development. And othe article ‘Structure of nepali society, Peoples nepal.
    And, read at one the Limbuwan Gorkha War History.Then, I think, u will be some how positive abot the movement of limbuwan.
    Wish you all best!

  10. Hi, friend!
    Thanks for the article about limbuwan. Plz. do re read the book of sir Dor Bdr. Bista ‘Fatalism and Development. And othe article ‘Structure of nepali society, Peoples of nepal.
    And, read at one the ‘Limbuwan Gorkha War History.Then, I think, u will be somehow positive about the movement of limbuwan.
    Wish you all the best!

  11. its fact that we never lose our land to prithvi narayan. he conqure our land on basis of treaty which states that we can enjoy autonomy but our this right has been captured by brhamins. prithvi narayan had lost 17 times with us.if we are not getting autonamy with all rights on us except currency,foreign policy and army than we are going for full indenpendence.we should keep in mind that southasian nation maldives has only land area of300sq. km.

  12. talking about limbuwan we shouldsee in past too. what did we get from state?humilation,poverty,not getting chance to use our languageand script in our own region.i am from pancthar(panther)having largest size of population of limbu among orther region of limbuwan we dont have a right to use in government have destroyed our history,religion,tradition,captured our land and raped itbut now it will not go we want our land back.being a part of nepal and if u again denied we will fight for it we warned all of them not to come in way of limbuwan autonomy

  13. The above mentioned article by Mr. Ramesh Dhakal may be 98% true but not totally 100%. Let it be, but I appreciate the article and his equity perspective towards all human beings and their nature. The fact is that what he had seen in the scenerio is true. To free Limbuwan from the centralized government of Nepal those Leberation army of Limbuwan can face any circumstances. They can be LTTE for Nepal. Otherwise, wisely the government has to hear the poor and lovable voice of Limbuwan people. Everyone knows “Limbuwan” doesn’t means Only for the Limbus people. The then Limbuwan was for only the Limbus because at the time there were only the Limbu Nationalities as the Nepali. But the modern Limbuwan of 21st century will be the broaded and can consist of all the caste, gender, language, religion, tradition etc. Especially those all things of the ethnic people of Limbuwan will be consisted by the federal limbuwan government. For other people will not have to run away from Limbuwan. They can do the daily job what they are doing now. But the the things is that the eastern teritory will be named as Limbuwan and the Centralized Power should be decentralized for Limbuwan and the main citizen(Endigenious) people of Limbuwan will or should get little more opportunity in Tradition, Language, religion, etc. That ‘s all. Nothing more wants the Limbuwan and Limbuwan movement.

    • I don’t think they can become Ltte of Nepal. It is because even thru mainstream politics the we have won enuf votes for ethnic federal states which includes limbuwan. Maoist won the election with highest vote whose agenda was to establish ethnic federal states including limbuwan . It had already been proved thru election , democratically ethnic federalism and limbuwan is accepted by people . The minority is people and party who don’t support ethnic federalism and limbuwan and they may become Ltte of Nepal.

  14. The turmoil in the South-Asian regions has escalated in the past few years. Though the region claims to be in the so called economically secure belt of India-China, human rights has crumbled to less than a penny. Recent incidents in Tibet can be cited as one example.
    It is good to see Nepal has resurrected from the shackles of the “absolute Talibani” monarchy. This is the phase of transition; which seems to be final one. Being in India, I am keeping a close tap of the ongoings in our neighbouring nation, Nepal. Really would hope the best for all Nepalis.
    As for Limbuwan, a similar revolution has gripped India(though the media is mute about it). The Indian Nepalis are demanding for a separate state within the Indian state. This is due to severe neglect of the Indian Central Body and the other “superior” Indian castes continuously inflicting derogatory insults on our creed. The famous of all is the “Kancha” which they substitute for a gatekeeper. The revolution is reaching its peak. I site the same sort of reasons for the Limbuwan movement caused by the callous policies of the Bahuns.

  15. Hi,everybody [lover of limbuwan state].I would like to suggest limboos who are being remote controlled by non-limboos.Don’t stand against our own norms &values,culture,language,letter & community.let’s love our above mentioned elements,let’s save our state.

  16. First of all I want to give a lot of thanks to mr. Ramesh Bhattarai for the acclaiming of the limbuwan state but some of your opinion i would like to express my comments.Limbuwan state was not provided by Prithivinarayan shah and he was not endower.From once upon a time Limbuwan state was reigned by Limbuwan natives.So that Limbuwan state never make common cause with such type of blind opinion.All LImbuwan lovers dextorously wish to declare limbuwan state nine districts of eastern part of nepal.LImbuwa have their own costom,tradition,language &social norms and values.Even we also accept other’s existence.Shah courtiers have many renegings such as abdolimenformunication,nepotism&favouraitism.So,limbuwan natives fought against such type of above their renegings.Prithivinarnyan thought LImbuwans are foes of royal families.


  18. Remarkable ! better correct the 2nd sentence from the last paragraph.

  19. Thanks Mitra, for reviewing the history of Limbuwan. And I too appreciate your idea of the movement that is going on in eastern part of Nepal (Limbuwan) although some parts are missing.

    It is all about our racial identity, educational, cultural, traditional rights, norms and values, where we are kept far behind in the darkness by the government of Nepal by suppressing and demoralizing our race since last few decades. Becasue Limbuwan and her history have never been covered much by the government of Nepal in its academic text books where the focus was upon the history of the Kathmandu valley only (also called Nepal valley or simply Nepal). Although Limbuwan is a part of Nepal now; it was ruled independently up to 1774 AD, Limbuwan or her history remains unknown even to many people of Limbuwan. And now we say it is enough and its time to rise again.

    Finally regarding independent national / state….it doesn’t depend upon number or percent (how much or many)…..mathematical terms are to be ignored in this case because its helpless because a historical background, elite community, society, norms and values are the key point. And my friend don’t be afraid of term “LIMBUWAN” it doesn’t represent any races or group.

    “लिम्बुवान” त्यसै उत्पति भएको वा कसैले राखिदिएको कुनै जाति वा समुदायको नाम होइन । यो त किरात सभ्यतामा किरात भूमिको राजनैतिक क्रान्तिले जन्माएको नाम हो ।

  20. कुनै मित्रले भन्न सक्नु हुन्छ पृथ्वीनारायण ले लिम्बु राजा वा लिम्बु जाति संग लडेर लिम्बुवान लिएको हो? कि आफुले अरु राजा हरु लाई जिते पछी लिम्बु हरु लाई किपट दिय किनकि लिम्बु हरुले उनलाई सहयोग गरे. जो उनलाई सहयोग नगरी पुरानो राजा पट्टि लागे उनीहरु लाई सजाएँ पनि गरे.
    तेस्तो केहि इतिहास भए जान्न पाउन.

    • Prithivi Narayan shah le limbuwan sanga 12 yudha paschat pani vijaya prapta garnu asafal vayo. Asafal vayepachi sandhi vayo limbuwan ra p.n shah bich jaslai tamrapatra vanincha. Yo sandhi anusar limbuwan le afno autonomy ra sovereignty kayam rakhnu payoo. Tesaile kipat prithivi Narayan shah le diyeko sampati haina yo ta pura parka kal Dekhi Limbu haru ko matrabhumi ho . Prthovi Narayan shah le yudha garera kipat athabha limbuwan jitne prayas gareko thiyo Tara bir Limbu haru sanga parajit vayo.

  21. wow i m delighted to know that even brahmins nows about kipat that prithivi narayan accepted when they loss to limbuwan army. this article even says that brahmin took limbuwans land y cleverly .but i think he is totally wrong when brahmins had power on their hand they jus supress limbus. so the best way to solve problems is by granting statehood to limbus other wise the day may come when janajathis will fight for last war…..and that is for separate country….along with tarai region……we are cooperating so tarai is still n nepal if we fight then there will be no space for you all

  22. I am very happy to found our limbuwan web site…………….

  23. Namaste Ramesji.
    it was nice reading your blog, i just want to share my perspective…..

    had the shah dynasty and Hinduism did not invade nepal at first place, Nationalism would not be in crisis today.
    madeshe party , limbuwan…. do we all wish that ?? a BIG no???

    whats happening?
    FROM marxist ideology, rich suppressing poor and poor getting stuck in the cycle of poverty and when poor/working class gets angry, they would throw away the rich through fight…..and communism will begin, u should know what i mean.

    Because of Hinduism, only khas people got priority over jobs,parliament and so on.
    though we are less in number, we are equally or more educated? still we cannot get a expat job maybe of the face that we do not have any good reference….
    Limbuwan does not mean only limbu, the so called 9 district, is a home for every residence in that area and every citizen living there are part of limbuwan.
    we want our limbuwan to be separate where there would be discrimination and more development
    dharan alone is lot better in terms of road and facilities and people. we all dharane contributed a lot to develop it….see we want limbuwan to be a state run by our own government, it is for the good.

    • sorry i mean no discrimination….anyway limbuwan is the only place where there is less or discrimination against other race…

  24. Hy first of all the facts have been altered in u’r article. During kirat dynasty even Kathmandu was under Limbu hang kings. After kirat dynasty fell limbus established their kingdom in east Nepal. So limbuwan existed even before prithivi Narayan shah was born. Therefore u’r saying prithivi Narayan shah gave land to limbus which is false. It was limbuwan bfore prithivi n shah. After p.n.shah failed to defeat limbuwan after 12 attacks he made a treaty call tamrapatra between limbuwan and p.n shah. According to agreement limbuwan will remain autonomous and independent state and p.n shah had no control over limbuwan. Limbuwan is a must for ethnic people rights because shah govermrnt will discriminate limbus .

  25. I wud to suggest the writer of this article to do proper research before making statements because ur article provides false background history and information about limbuwan. Ur conclusion is against limbuwan and ur statustics are wrong. It seems ur a bias writer. I wud advise u to be more responsible about what ur writing.

  26. all eastern peoples, all cast ,we should keep our nation, our nation is limbuwan[ kirat dash] we are kirati and we have our own cultures, we should keep our limbuwan alive, so please limbuwan peoples and leader of limbuwan keep going so hard and quickly ,faster faster please go forword ..thanks

  27. we not fight with any cast, we want only our land freedom,so fight for mother land of kirat dash,peoples and leader of limbuwan ,please ………….

  28. blog about Limbuwan,

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