About Me

Hi! this is Ramesh Ranjan blogging from Biratnagar. I am the student of Literature and Sociology. Actually, i have opened this blog site to share my feelings and ideas to the world and to get the different visions from the different people arround the world. Hope that it will be the good platform to me to interact with different peoples.



  1. thank for your interest

  2. Hi !

    I am a swedish artist, once I had my studio in Paris / 1983 / and I was working with smoke sculpturs in the sky made wiht aeroplanes which I called Status Limbus,/ to break the border /
    and after that I took the namne Limbus as my name. I have used the namne Limbus now in 25 years, and till for two days ago I did´nt know that there was I people called Limbus. Nobody has ever told me that.
    Now I know – and I am very happy to find Limbus.
    You can look at my museum Avan Limbus Art Museum http://www.alam.se. / It´s in english / my http://www.status-limbus.nu in swedish


    Hans Limbus

  3. I had seen the temple.And i want to look everything

  4. good work , keep it up dude

  5. Ramesh Jee,

    Gone through your blogs I have some interest on them and would like to use for The Himalayan times, page 8, if possible please contact me at rjneelu.s@gmail.com at the earliest.

    thanks and keep blogging

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